Isgus 2020

Isgus 2020


– Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Semi-Monthly pay periods

– Permits use of existing time cards from: Simplex, Amano, Lathem and Cincinnati

– Automatic adjustment for Daylight Savings, short months and Leap Year

– Standard 2 colour printing for exception reporting

– Built in lithium battery backup

– Standard bell / signal control output


Fully automatic top loading payroll recorder, similar to the Amano model EX 9000 series time recorder. The Isgus 2020 can be adapted to any possible time card through either selecting a programmed standard card format or by programming the print position.  The actual imprint format can then be chosen as well. Pre-programmable for summer/winter time change.  It has an automatic calendar and a programmable column position.

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Optional Features

– Full power reserve up to 200 punches on battery

– Ability to control analogue wall clocks

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Technical Specifications

Printer: Dot-matrix
Dimensions: 11″H x 8.7″W x 7.7″D
Weight: 6.6lbs

Power Supply: 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 20 VA
Ambient Temperature: -10 to 45 degree C

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