Isgus 2030

Isgus 2030


– Stand alone time clock – No PC required!

– Large, bright digital display

– Audible signal control relay (Up to 32 daily rings)

– Lithium battery data power reserve (one year)

– Automatic time and data reset after power failure

– Daylight Savings Time automatic adjustment

– Two color programmable cassette ribbon

– One year warranty, parts and labor


– Calculation of employee work time

– Rounds “In” punches forward to the nearest 1/4 hour

– Rounds “Out” punches backward to the nearest 1/4 hour

– Auto deduction of break time from each punch pair

– Duplicate punch prevention and forgotten punch monitoring

– Simple 3 button password protected programming


An easy to use Calculating Time Recorder with a large display to provide simple programming.  The 2030 allows up to 104 IN/OUT punches per time card which means it can handle virtually any type of pay period.
A 6 digit barcode makes each time card unique, eliminating time card duplication.  The data security is guaranteed by means of an integrated lithium battery. The 2030 can be delivered in desktop or wall mounted versions.

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Technical Specifications

Display Type: Digital

Dimensions: 11″H x 8.7″W x 7.7″D

Weight: 6.6lbs

Voltage: 115 volts 50/60 MHz

Battery Back up: Yes (passive lithium is standard – full operational backup in as added option)

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Product Brochure

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