ZEBRA Service Reminder Printer

ZEBRA Service Reminder Printer

A Service Reminder Printer offers a quick, convenient and professional way to complete your service reminders for your customers includes:
– Zebra TLP2824 printer with Keyboard Display
– Printer is pre-programmed with your choice of 5 label designs including dealership name and phone number.
– 1 black ink ribbon

Customized or generic static cling labels sold separately. Please contact us for more information.

THIS MODEL IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE! We will continue to provide replacement Ink Ribbons and Labels for the Zebra printer.

GODEX PRINTER IS NOW AVAILABLE Check out the Godex Starter Kit.

Please call or email for a quote


Consider a Service Reminder Printer and no longer worry about your customer being able
– to read the tech’s handwriting
– smeared or faded labels

plus it is a powerful marketing tool that can increase service sales and add to your bottom line. Any time you get the customer back is an opportunity to check their vehicle and then up sell them additional products or services.

Choose from any of the pre-programmed sticker designs that ship with your printer or we can customize your reminder labels any way you like.

Generic Labels, Customized Labels and Replacement Ink Cartridges are also available.


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Generic Labels

$59.95 / roll of 500

Blue Wrench Red Oil Can

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Custom Labels

Labels are fully customizable with company logo and phone number.

$59.95 / roll of 500 (Min. order of 4 rolls)

Please contact us to design yours today!

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