Slip-N-Grip Plastic Floor Mats

Slip-N-Grip Plastic Floor Mats

Show your customers you care with Slip-N-Grip plastic floor mats. Keep customers carpets clean without bunching under brake and accelerator pedals. Ordinary floor mats rarely give more than superficial protection against dirt, grease and grime.
Slip-N-Grip floor mats form a complete plastic barrier. They don’t soak through and don’t fall apart when things get wet. These mats can be dispensed from our custom box or directly off our floor or wall rack.

ITEM #: CM-P Plastic Floor Mats

Size: 16 1/4″ x 21″

Ink: Blue

Packaged: 500/roll

Weight: 5 kg

1 Roll 2 Rolls+
$72.95/roll $67.95/roll


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