Slip-N-Grip Plastic Seat Covers

Slip-N-Grip Plastic Seat Covers

ITEM #: SC-101R
Preferred use in all passenger cars

Size: Fits all single seats / Use 2 for bench seats.

Packaged: 500/roll

Weight: 20 lbs

Thickness: 0.5 mil

Construction: Two Ply Plastic

1 Roll 2 Rolls+
$85.95/roll $80.95/roll


ITEM #: SC-101C (carton) / SC-250R (roll)
*Preferred use with trucks, buses, RV’s as well as cars

Size: approx. 3″ longer than Economy Style

Packaged: 250/roll or 250/carton

Weight:  10 lbs

Thickness: 0.7 mil

Construction: Two Ply Plastic

1 Carton / Roll 2 Cartons / Rolls +
$77.95 / per
$73.95 / per


Slip-N-Grip plastic seat covers offer outstanding, premium protection from oil, dirt and grime. Help to protect your customers car from costly clean up. Available in Economy and Standard styles.

Bench and bucket seats of all sizes are covered by Slip-N-Grip seat covers. Their generous size allows complete coverage. A brush of the hand conforms them to any seat contour. Slip N Grip will not shift out of place and expose upholstery even when service work takes many vehicle entries. Customers can see that they are getting dependable coverage.

Seat covers come individually folded in a dispenser box on a tidy, continuous roll or perforated to pull apart easily from our spring loaded tension bars on our dispensing rack.

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