Amano MJR 7000 & 8000

Amano MJR 7000 & 8000


– Calculates hours worked

– Separation of regular and overtime hours

– Perpetual calendar

– Automatic card feed

– Automatic daylight savings adjustment

– Automatic break deduction option

– Attendance report for current and previous pay period

– Lockout capability

– Optional rounding for IN/OUT times

– Built in Battery Backup protects up to 72hrs during power failure.

– Break net rounding

– Paid breaks

– Carryover of weekly worked hours for semi-monthly and monthly pay period

– 100 employee capacity

– Two-sided printing for bi-weekly pay period


The Amano MJR-7000 Calculating Time Recorder totals regular and overtime hours worked on employee’s time card – for any pay period. Automatic card feed eliminates overprinting. Optional features include two levels of overtime, custom IN and OUT rounding rules, lunch break deductions, paid breaks, early in/late out controls, lockouts, and more. 100-employee capacity.

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Optional Features

– Full power reserve
– Signal bell capacity

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Technical Specifications

Power Supply: A110/120VAC 50/60HZ
Dimensions:13.5″H x 9.5″W x 8″D
Weight: 19 lbs
Ambient Temperature: 14°F – 113°F (-10°C – 45°C)

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Product Brochure

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