Crashwrap Temporary Weather Barrier Film

Crashwrap Temporary Weather Barrier Film

The ORIGINAL self-adhesive weather barrier film. Seals out rain, dirt and snow. Each roll is 200 feet long with tack adhesive on one side. Prevents interior damage to vehicles, easy for one person to install and no tape or strings needed. The plastic is specially treated to resist sunlight damage for up to one year. When removed, the adhesive comes off clean with the plastic and now improved with cold weather adhesion.ARE THE ELEMENTS EATING INTO YOUR PROFITS?

Crashwrap Temporary Weather Barrier Film is a stretchable and self-adhesive plastic film that adheres to metal and glass. Available in 2 widths – 24 and 30 inch. 3 mil thickness yellow, and 5 mil 30 inch clear – all come on a continuous 200 foot long roll.


The adhesive is aggressive enough to perform it’s task yet makes it easy to handle. If the adhesive backing comes in contact with itself, it can easily be pulled apart and repositioned. It provides a means of sealing the vehicles open areas, yet it can be removed and resealed. This adhesive always pulls off with the plastic. It does not stick to body surfaces.

Item Number / Description Price per roll 
CW 324 yellow film / 3.5 mil thickness / 24 inch wide $175.00/roll
CW 330 yellow film / 3.5 mil thickness / 30 inch wide $199.00/roll
CW 530 clear film / 5.0
mil thickness / 30 inch wide



• Will not leave residue on service areas when removed.
• Sticks aggresively yet is easily repositionable and can be applied to frozen body surfaces.
• Remained on test vehicle / parts for 15 months without deteriorating.
• Cover an average side window for 2 dollars or less.
• Save time by eliminating adhesive tapes / duct tape.
• Tough, flexible and self-adhesive
• Available in 24″ or 30″ yellow or 30″ clear

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  1. Carefully clean and dry the areas you intend to attach the film. The cleaner, drier and warmer these surfaces are when the film in first applied, the better the film will adhere and the more often it can be removed and reattached.
  2. Peel back the free edge of the film and unroll a few inches.
  3. Press the free edge to the vehicle surface.
  4. Finish by pressing the film against the vehicle with this product covering glass areas.

NOTE: Do not use your bare hands to press the film down. Sharp edges can poke through the plastic and cut your skin. Always use a towel or leather gloves. Stretch the film slightly as you unroll it across the area to be covered.

NOTE: For large areas make several horizontal passes starting from across the bottom. With each pass overlap the previous one by a few inches. Then press the lapped areas together to make a seal. This creates a shingling effect that directs the water to the outside.

Store Crash Wrap film in its original shipping carton.

CAUTION: DO NOT attempt to drive a vehicle with this product covering glass areas. Although it is transparent, it will distort and obscure your vision.
CAUTION: Haldon Company has tested this product in many different applications and
concludes that it will perform satisfactorily when used as specified. Due to the wide variety of paints, solvents, weather conditions and customer uses, we recommend that you test our product under your particular conditions to determine its fitness for your needs.

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